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Support international development strategies

Stay continuously updated on changes in regulation and understand their implications

Remain compliant with local regulation

Understand trends with specific growth drivers across major class of business

Benchmark your performance against peers in 100+ markets

Identify and profile potential partners and competitors

Who Subscribes to the Insurance IC?


Insurers use our platform to establish market strategies, benchmark themselves against competitors and guide key underwriting and compliance decisions.

  • Premiums and profitability information at the market, line-of-business and company level
  • Company profiles containing news & deals, financials and SWOT analyses
  • Continuously updated regulatory tool supporting the underwriting and compliance functions in 170 countries


Reinsurers use our platform to identify global trends, track changing regulatory environments and evaluate existing and potential cedents.

  • Macroeconomic data on 800+ economic, demographic and industry indicators
  • Market and line-of-business data on assumptions & cessions
  • Insurer profit-and-loss, balance-sheet and KPI information


Brokers use our platform to screen their partners and analyze the evolving distribution landscape within and across markets.

  • Profiles of over 5,000 insurance companies and brokers
  • Full rankings of the top insurers by line-of-business
  • Information on the regulatory environment facing intermediaries in each market


Consultants use our platform to drive the data, competitor and regulatory analyses underpinning their client engagements.

  • Comprehensive industry reports to quickly establish a full view of market conditions
  • Insight reports and surveys on the key emerging trends that keep insurers awake at night
  • Data warehousing arrangements to integrate our intelligence with in-house systems

Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms use our platform to position themselves as thought leaders and assess their clients’ performance in a broader market context.

  • Global industry mergers and acquisitions trends
  • Key regulatory changes that will drive the need for your services
  • Coverage of public and private employee benefits in 70 markets

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News articles


Research Reports

Don’t just take our word for it

The Insurance Intelligence Centre database provides very valuable information to evaluate business opportunities both in existing and new markets. The Insurance Intelligence Centre gives in particular an excellent overview about market size, actual developments and a detailed overview per line of business. The website gives various alternatives to obtain individualized information, a useful service is the option to contact an analyst for specific questions, response time is fast and the answers provided are comprehensive.

Florian Fehr, Head of Region, International Business ERV

The depth and breadth of Timetric’s coverage of the global insurance and reinsurance markets goes far beyond anything else we have seen.

Director of International Business, European Non-Life Insurance Company

Timetric reports are very useful for our members working in the insurance industry, as they offer both analytical and statistical data, with an unusual level of granularity and international coverage. The ability to easily compare data from country to country is very handy and the interface is really intuitive.

Hannah West, Knowledge Services, Chartered Insurance Institute

About the Insurance Intelligence Center

The Insurance Intelligence Center is a single-source solution for all your market, company and regulatory information needs.

Our platform offers comprehensive historical and forecast data for each market, and contextualizes this data in individual market reports.

We provide rankings of the top players in over 100 markets, and support these rankings with company profiles covering daily news & deals information, financial statements and SWOT analyses.

The platform’s continuously-updated regulatory information allows you support underwriting and compliance decisions in established and new markets.

Our unique Ask an Analyst service and dedicated customer services team allows users to quickly access the information they need, even if it isn’t held directly on our platform.

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Press Releases

Contact our Media Team for a quote from one of our expert analysts, or extended comment and opinion on the insurance industry at large. +44 20 3220 0818

The Emergence of Alternative Capital Reinsurance

1 Mar 2017

Timetric’s new insight report on the ‘Emergence of Alternative Capital in Reinsurance’, explores how alternative capital has dramatically altered the balance of supply and demand in the reinsurance industry.

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The Rise of Big Data in Insurance

27 Feb 2017

Timetric’s recently published report on ‘The Rise of Big Data in Insurance’, chronicles the increasing use and influence of Big Data in the global insurance industry.

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Developing InsurTech market not looking to disrupt incumbent insurers

23 Nov 2016

The cost of going alone is so great that the majority of start-ups are looking to partner up with larger companies, as they look to enable not disrupt.

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Liberalization creates growth opportunities for the Indian life insurance market

3 Nov 2016

India’s life insurance sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of almost 15% from 2015-2020, according to a new industry forecast report published by Timetric.

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