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Insurers use our platform to establish market strategies, benchmark themselves against competitors and guide key underwriting and compliance decisions.

  • Premiums and profitability information at the market, line-of-business and company level
  • Company profiles containing news & deals, financials and SWOT analyses
  • Continuously updated regulatory tool supporting the underwriting and compliance functions in 170 countries


Reinsurers use our platform to identify global trends, track changing regulatory environments and evaluate existing and potential cedents.

  • Macroeconomic data on 800+ economic, demographic and industry indicators
  • Market and line-of-business data on assumptions & cessions
  • Insurer profit-and-loss, balance-sheet and KPI information


Brokers use our platform to screen their partners and analyze the evolving distribution landscape within and across markets.

  • Profiles of over 5,000 insurance companies and brokers
  • Full rankings of the top insurers by line-of-business
  • Information on the regulatory environment facing intermediaries in each market


Consultants use our platform to drive the data, competitor and regulatory analyses underpinning their client engagements.

  • Comprehensive industry reports to quickly establish a full view of market conditions
  • Insight reports and surveys on the key emerging trends that keep insurers awake at night
  • Data warehousing arrangements to integrate our intelligence with in-house systems

Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms use our platform to position themselves as thought leaders and assess their clients’ performance in a broader market context.

  • Global industry mergers and acquisitions trends
  • Key regulatory changes that will drive the need for your services
  • Coverage of public and private employee benefits in 70 markets

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Insight Report:Blockchain in Insurance

27 Jul 2017

This report discusses the role of blockchain in the insurance industry.

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Insight Report: Developments in Cyberinsurance

31 May 2017

The report provides a global overview of the cyberinsurance industry accounting for the trends and regulatory developments

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Insight Report: Property Insurance in Emerging Asia

19 May 2017

This report analyzes the property insurance markets in rapidly growing Emerging Asia.

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Foreign Investments in Emerging Markets

21 Nov 2017

This report gives a summary of the foreign investments made in the insurance industry in emerging countries and also highlights the importance of these investments in its economic developments.

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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance in Latin America and Africa

20 Sep 2017

This report provides an overview of the current scenario in Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance usage in Latin America & Africa.

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White Paper - Japan: A Slow Growing Economy Pushes Insurers Abroad for Growth

8 Jun 2017

This white paper discusses the developments in the Japanese Insurance Industry amidst slow economic growth in the country

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White Paper: The Rise of Big Data in Insurance

2 Mar 2017

This white paper discusses the role of big data in insurance industry.

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White Paper: The impact of economic challenges on the Italian insurance market

24 Jan 2017

This white paper analyzes the impact of economic challenges on the Italian insurance market.

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White paper: Brexit: Deconstructing the importance of passporting

14 Dec 2016

There are two types of passport for insurers: freedom of service and freedom of establishment.

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White Paper: Navigating opportunities in Brazil’s insurance market

14 Dec 2016

Like its fellow ‘BRICS’ countries, the size of Brazil’s population and low level of insurance penetration make it a crucial emerging market for many multinational insurers.

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White Paper: InsurTech Start-Up Landscape

14 Dec 2016

The insurance industry is still miles behind Fintech, where the banking sector has already been significantly disrupted.

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White Paper: The Insurance Industry in the Nordics Consistently Outgrowing the Rest of Europe

14 Dec 2016

Since the financial crisis, the insurance markets in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, have consistently outgrown their European peers.

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White Paper: Liberalization creates growth opportunities in the Indian insurance market

14 Dec 2016

Direct marketing is the dominant distribution channel for the India life sector, accounting for 49.7% of new business premium in 2015.

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White Paper: Insurance in China: The Growth Mirage Continues

14 Dec 2016

A change in the industry that has affected all insurers has been the implementation of the China Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS) by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) in January 2016.

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Don’t just take our word for it

The Insurance Intelligence Centre database provides very valuable information to evaluate business opportunities both in existing and new markets. The Insurance Intelligence Centre gives in particular an excellent overview about market size, actual developments and a detailed overview per line of business. The website gives various alternatives to obtain individualized information, a useful service is the option to contact an analyst for specific questions, response time is fast and the answers provided are comprehensive.

Florian Fehr, Head of Region, International Business ERV

The depth and breadth of Timetric’s coverage of the global insurance and reinsurance markets goes far beyond anything else we have seen.

Director of International Business, European Non-Life Insurance Company

Timetric reports are very useful for our members working in the insurance industry, as they offer both analytical and statistical data, with an unusual level of granularity and international coverage. The ability to easily compare data from country to country is very handy and the interface is really intuitive.

Hannah West, Knowledge Services, Chartered Insurance Institute

About the Insurance Intelligence Center

The Insurance Intelligence Center is a single-source solution for all your market, company and regulatory information needs.

Our platform offers comprehensive historical and forecast data for each market, and contextualizes this data in individual market reports.

We provide rankings of the top players in over 100 markets, and support these rankings with company profiles covering daily news & deals information, financial statements and SWOT analyses.

The platform’s continuously-updated regulatory information allows you support underwriting and compliance decisions in established and new markets.

Our unique Ask an Analyst service and dedicated customer services team allows users to quickly access the information they need, even if it isn’t held directly on our platform.

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Press Releases

Contact our Media Team for a quote from one of our expert analysts, or extended comment and opinion on the insurance industry at large. +44 20 3220 0818

The Emergence of Alternative Capital Reinsurance

1 Mar 2017

Timetric’s new insight report on the ‘Emergence of Alternative Capital in Reinsurance’, explores how alternative capital has dramatically altered the balance of supply and demand in the reinsurance industry.

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The Rise of Big Data in Insurance

27 Feb 2017

Timetric’s recently published report on ‘The Rise of Big Data in Insurance’, chronicles the increasing use and influence of Big Data in the global insurance industry.

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Developing InsurTech market not looking to disrupt incumbent insurers

23 Nov 2016

The cost of going alone is so great that the majority of start-ups are looking to partner up with larger companies, as they look to enable not disrupt.

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Liberalization creates growth opportunities for the Indian life insurance market

3 Nov 2016

India’s life insurance sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of almost 15% from 2015-2020, according to a new industry forecast report published by Timetric.

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Extracting insurance opportunities amid volatility in Brazil

31 Oct 2016

The combination of a severe recession and a political crisis, which has led to the impeachment of the President, has slowed growth in the Brazilian insurance sector.

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Driving the deals - M&A in the Global Insurance Industry

27 Sep 2016

Timetric’s report on M&A in the global insurance industry identifies four key categories of the drivers of M&A activity in the global insurance industry.

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Non-life insurance in Venezuela grew by US$100m between 2010-2014

27 Sep 2016

Venezuela’s non-life segment grew from VEF 19.0 billion (US$5.1 billion) in 2010 to VEF79.3 billion (US$5.2billion) in 2014.

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Technological innovations are re-shaping insurance landscape globally

1 Aug 2016

Increasing investments in technological innovations is proving valuable for insurers to refine their risk models and pricing methods. It also offers innovative approaches to handle claims and engage with customers.

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Insurance in Bermuda to reach US$167.1bn by 2019

14 Jul 2016

The insurance industry in Bermuda is projected to grow at a steady pace as a result of new regulations and consistent growth in external insurance business, such as offshore and captive.

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Insights into the future of Solvency II

8 Jul 2016

After years of seemingly endless negotiations, Solvency II finally came into force on January 1, 2016. With its implementation, the European insurance industry has completed its move to risk-based supervision, thought to be more in keeping with accurately monitoring and regulating the key risks faced by insurers, particularly following the financial crisis.

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Positive outlook for Panama’s insurance industry

28 Jun 2016

A new report from Timetric's Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC) forecasts a bright outlook for the Panamanian insurance industry during the next couple of years.

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Hong Kong’s life insurance continues to show significant growth

23 Jun 2016

Having registered a CAGR of 14.1%, life insurance in Hong Kong is forecast to maintain strong growth and remain the leading category in the overall insurance industry, according to a report by Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC).

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Property insurance on the rise in Qatar

27 May 2016

A new report from Timetric foresees a bright future for property insurance in Qatar, fuelled by projected infrastructure spending ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and investment in the non-oil sectors in order to diversify the economy.

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Aging population and strong economy will spur Israel’s life insurance market

24 May 2016

The new report by Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC) finds that the Israeli life insurance gross written premium recorded good performance over the last five years, growing from ILS21.

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Bahamas insurance industry showing strong signs of improvement

24 May 2016

A fast growing captive insurance sector and a plan to provide free healthcare to all Bahamian citizens demonstrate the major changes in the country’s insurance industry, finds a new report from Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC).

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Rich Luxembourgers to drive growth in life insurance market

6 May 2016

A growing number of high net worth individuals (HNIWs) is expanding opportunities for life insurers in Luxembourg, according to a new report from Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC).

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Australia’s life insurance market on the rise but there is room to grow

26 Apr 2016

The life insurance industry in Australia accounted for 51.5% of gross written premiums in 2015, with the market growing from AUD41.9bn (US$43.2bn) in 2011 to AUD64.

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Life insurance in Ireland continues to grow

4 Apr 2016

A new report by Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center (IIC) predicts a positive outlook for life insurance in Ireland, with growth expected to record a forecast period CAGR of 8.

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Non-life insurance premiums in the US continue to grow

29 Mar 2016

The US’s non-life insurance segment is set to witness healthy, albeit moderately slower growth in the next four years, supported by the adoption of new technology and an increasing demand for cyber liability insurance, finds a new report by Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center.

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Targeting HNWIs makes a promising business opportunity for insurers

17 Mar 2016

The high net worth (HNW) insurance segment is set to expand due to the increasing population and wealth of high net worth individuals (HNWIs), according to a new insight report from Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center.

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Demand for pension insurance in Sweden is rising

3 Mar 2016

According to a new report by Timetric, pension insurance is set to remain the largest category in the Swedish life insurance segment during the next four years.

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South Africa’s life insurance market continue to flourish

3 Mar 2016

The life insurance sector in South Africa accounts for almost 80% of premiums in the country’s insurance market. As expected for a country with one of the largest and most developed economies in Africa, its life insurance market is penetrated much higher than other countries in the region, increasing from 10% to 11.

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Motor insurance in Italy showing healthy signs of growth

18 Feb 2016

Having seen a significant growth in the past five years, the Italian motor insurance category will continue to be at the top of the non-life segment, fuelled by a widespread adoption of telematics, finds a new report from Timetric’s Insurance Intelligence Center.

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Tapping into the potential of the UAE’s life insurance sector

11 Feb 2016

A rising number of expatriates and an improving economy are contributing to the strong performance of the UAE's life insurance segment, which is set to witness improved growth in the next four years, according to a report by Timetric's Insurance Intelligence Center.

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Despite challenges, Austria’s life insurance is on the road to recovery

26 Jan 2016

Over the review period (2010-2014), life insurance premiums in Austria fell from €7.5billion ($9.9 billion) to €6.7 billion ($8.9 billion), with the government’s regulatory measures not being beneficial to the growth prospects of the sector.

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